Have you ever wondered why your downtown beautification, historic restoration or mixed-use redevelopment didn’t revive your community, reversing its economic decline?  It was probably because your community lacked a regenerative strategy and proven process to fully fund and implement revitalization.

It’s common for places to receive funding for renewal or resilience.  It’s rare for them to know how to leverage it.  A strategic renewal process is how a place revitalizes when it has no money, and how it revitalizes faster, better, safer and more efficiently when it has funding.

Only a strategic renewal process can integrate economic growth with resilience to create Resilient Prosperity. That’s what you’ll learn as a Certified Revitalization and Resilience Planner (RE). 

Reliable production of anything—cars, energy, food, money, etc.—requires a reliable process. So, why don’t places have a reliable process for producing the resilient prosperity they all need? Now they do, and you’ll be the local expert on it. 
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