There are two categories of technical and professional organizations that affiliate with RECONOMICS Institute:

  • Those focused on disciplines related to community revitalization, natural resources restoration and climate resilience; and
  • Those focused on general disciplines such as legal, accounting, real estate,  project management, public policy, municipal management, etc.

In both cases, they have members would would like to become more involved in—and effective at—improving their city, state, nation or planet. Adding a certification as a Revitalization & Resilience Facilitator to the skills and certifications they already possess will do just that.

But, sometime that process is reversed: individuals get certified by RECONOMICS Institute first, and then seek to add a specific skill. That’s where your organization comes in.

As  Technical Affiliate, we will refer our graduates to you.  There’s no cost: we only ask that you make your members aware of the opportunity to add the RE certification to their resume, thus becoming part of the local and global path to a better future for all.

Email our Executive Director, Storm Cunningham at, if you would like to schedule a phone call to explore the possibility of affiliating with us.

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