A Personal Message From RECONOMICS Institute Founder Storm Cunningham

Storm on top of a pyramid in the ancient Mayan city of
Palenque in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico in 2014.
Photo is by his wife of over 30 years, Dr. Maria MacKnight.

Imagine a simple solution for what many see as our ugly, dangerous social, economic, and environmental future.  It would turn ignorance into awareness…apathy into action…continual decline into constant improvement. At the risk of sounding delusional or grandiose, I’ve found such a solution.

My search started in 1969. I spent three years as a hippie, hitchhiking around the planet, seeking meaning and purpose. I then spent three years as a Green Beret SCUBA Medic, seeking courage and competence. 

That SCUBA training led to my being involved in the world’s first coral reef restoration. I became a restorative entrepreneur, seeking a fulfilling career as biodiversity crashed and folks were increasingly sick, vulnerable, and divided.

In 2002, with publication of my first book, The Restoration Economy, I became a regenerative author / speaker / consultant, seeking results. But progress was often blocked by institutional inertia, concentrated wealth, and a public rendered impotent by partisan bickering, pessimism and lack of process.

We need every person, company, non-profit, and government to invest locally in improving our shared future. To do so, they need confidence that the future is bright: no one invests in something they believe will lose value. 

On December 31, 2024, the 2-year RISING PLACES  R&D initiative concludes with the launch of new tools to help places boost health, wealth, housing, safety and unity for all.  Share these goals? Please support RISING PLACES

Join me as a RISING PLACES Corporate Sponsor or Institutional Partner. 

An Invitation From Storm

I also invite you to become a faculty member of  ReCOLLEGE, where you can earn $50-$500/hour sharing your insights with public and private leaders worldwide via videochats. Current faculty members represent some of the world’s largest organizations, but we need entrepreneurs and independent professionals as well.

The ReCOLLEGE is like a non-profit “Amazon.com” of revitalization, redevelopment, restoration, recovery, and resilience knowledge. Besides income from providing advice via videochats, membership can bring you new clients and powerful publicity. Being on the ReCOLLEGE faculty publicly connects you with the latest trends in economic, social and environmental renewal, and the trillion-dollar global regeneration industry.

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