Your company will be a RISING PLACES Sustainer.


Your company will be a RISING PLACES Sustainer.
You will be featured on the RISING PLACES Sustainer page, and may display the RISING PLACES Sustainer logo. If your company offers services or products of use to the users of RISING PLACES Tools, you will enjoy premium placement in the “Amazon.com” of community renewal: our ReTEAM resource network.
This non-refundable Enrollment Fee pays your annual dues for 2025. 
Subsequent years will be invoiced each December.
You can cancel your annual renewals at any time.
You’ll lock in the Pre-Launch annual dues rate of just $1000 (a 50% discount) for as long as you maintain your uninterrupted sponsorship.
And, you’ll be entitled to a FREE 1-hour consult with Storm Cunningham (a $400 value).

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