Rising Places Patron-SILVER



We will contact you shortly after receiving your enrollment to get the name of the community you wish to help, and a few other details, such as exactly how you wish to be listed, and any websites you wish us to link to. As a SILVER Patron at $250, you will be prominently featured on both the home page and the Patrons page of RisingPlaces.org, with a live link. Patrons will be mentioned in Rising Places advertising, editorials, articles and other promotional exposure. You will activate our RISING PLACES ToolsTM for one Small Community (under 50,000 pop.).  Your community(s) will enjoy permanent, FREE access to the tools. If you act before RisingPlaces.org goes live, you’ll be permanently designated a Founding Patron. NOTE: since we immediately invest time in setting up a Tools site for your community when we receive your Patron enrollment, refunds are not available. The exception to this is if the community or county you wish to help already has a RISING PLACES Patron (highly unlikely at this early stage), in which case your money will immediately be refunded in full.

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