RISING PLACES Practitioner: Course Two


The second of the three courses that comprise the RISING PLACES Practitioner certification program is based on Storm Cunningham‘s revolutionary second book, Rewealth (McGraw-Hill, 2008). This is the book that George L. Ochs, Managing Director of Global Real Assets at JP Morgan (London) said is “the secret weapon of responsible redevelopers, successful real estate investors, and effective community leaders.


The primary purpose of Course Two is to give you a thorough background on the rise of more-enlightened community recovery and revitalization practices. This is the focus of Rewealth, your text book for Course Two. It includes case studies of communities large and small in the United States and Europe.

As can be expected of any book that’s over a decade old, some of the terminology has evolved, as have some of the organizations mentioned. For instance, the “renewal engine” terminology mentioned in Rewealth is now referred to as the “ongoing program” that is a key part of the RECONOMICS Process.

Also, two organizations mentioned in Rewealth—the Revitalization Institute and Resolution Fund—have now had their missions and models incorporated into today’s RECONOMICS Institute.

The passing score for tests is 70%. You must complete Course One and Course Two before starting Course Three.

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