RISING PLACES Facilitator: Course One


The first of the three courses that comprise the RISING PLACES Facilitator certification program is based on Storm Cunningham‘s groundbreaking 2002 book, The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler Publishers).


The primary purpose of Course One is to give you a thorough background on—and understanding of—the genesis of today’s multi-trillion-dollar collection of industries and disciplines related to community revitalization, natural resources restoration and climate resilience.  The is the focus of The Restoration Economy, your text book for Course One.

This is the book that advanced the global regeneration trend. It has been hailed by public and private leaders worldwide as “Fascinating!” “Landmark” “Essential!”

That knowledge will give you a major leg up on most other practitioners, who might be expert in current tools and techniques, but don’t grasp how, why or when they evolved. It’s hard to avoid making old mistakes and using outdated practices if one isn’t aware of this background.

Some terminology and organizations mentioned in The Restoration Economy have evolved since publication. For instance, this book was the first to document the rise of restorative agriculture. Today, this practice is known as “regenerative agriculture”, and carbon sequestration has been added to its goals.

The passing score for tests is 70%.  Take Course One first. It is a prerequisite for Course Two and Course Three.

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