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As a member of our Global Regeneration Team, you can now offer anyone a $75 tuition discount via your unique coupon code. When they use it to enroll in the Revitalization & Resilience Facilitator (RE Facilitator) program, you’ll earn $25 in cash for you or your institution as a “thank you”. 

Simply click on the “Refer A Friend” section above. You’ll find both a custom link and a coupon code. You can share either one to save people $75 on their RE Facilitator tuition, and to earn your $25 when they enroll. (We recommend using the coupon code, unless you’re only putting the link on your website.) If you haven’t already enrolled in the RE Facilitator certification program, you can use your own coupon code to save $75, and you’ll even earn the $25 credit, saving you a total of $100! If you’ve already enrolled, you can earn back your entire tuition (and more) by referring people to the program. 

NOTE: You must have at least $100 worth of “thank you” credits accumulated in order to request a payout, which you can do by emailing us at Be sure to include the email address associated with your PayPal or account.

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