Link Your Initiative or Business To The Breakthrough
In Community Revitalization, Nature Restoration, & Disaster Resilience.


Communities worldwide tend to suffer (in varying degrees) from these five challenges:

  1. Decreasing Health (largely due to environmental degradation);
  2. Decreasing Wealth (largely due to lack of opportunity);
  3. Unaffordable Housing (largely due to policy mistakes);
  4. Deteriorating Safety (due largely to local policy mistakes, plus increasing size and frequency of climate-related disasters);
  5. Loss of Unity (due largely to lack of shared vision).


RISING PLACES helps attract public funding and private partners to communities
by reversing the five problems that tend to drive them away:

  1. Increasing Health: Except in cases of traumatic injury, health doesn’t come from surgery and drugs, which mostly alleviate or mask the signs and symptoms of lack of health.  Health comes from health: healthy air, healthy water, healthy soil, healthy food, healthy community, etc. RISING PLACES advances regenerative solutions that boost quality of life for all;
  2. Increasing Wealth: Poverty begets poverty, and wealth begets wealth. Investors don’t care about current conditions: they care about trajectory…whether properties will be more valuable in the future. RISING PLACES focuses on entrepreneur-powered, youth-inclusive solutions that stimulate opportunity and produce steady increases in wealth that produce confidence in a better local future. That confidence attracts investors, employers and residents…and helps you keep the ones you have;
  3. Affordable Housing: Employers avoid places that can’t house their workforce in affordable, accessible locations. RISING PLACES facilitates policies and public-private partnerships that produce the right housing in the right places to revitalize neighborhoods and downtowns;
  4. Improving Safety: All five of these crises are strongly linked, and none can be solved in isolation from the others. RISING PLACES enhances resilience to problems that are beyond the community’s control (such as climate-related disasters), and integrates these solutions so that addressing one (such as wealth mobility or mixed-income housing) helps alleviate others (such as crime);
  5. Enhancing Unity: Nothing unites a community more than a) having a shared vision of where they are going, and b) producing steady progress in that direction. That’s what the RECONOMICS Process does. The RECONOMICS Process comprises 1) ongoing program, 2) shared vision, 3) effective strategy, 4) supportive policies, 5) partnerships for resources, and 6) projects for on-the-ground progress. The “secret sauce”? Each of the six elements is regenerative.
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