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Certification as a PLACE DOCTOR allows you to add PLACES DOCTOR  to your name, as in “Jane Doe, PLACE DOCTOR” (all caps or not: your choice). Certification positions you for leadership, enhancing your skills with expertise in the strategic process of creating stronger, healthier, wealthier places.

Mayors and managers of towns, cities & counties want local redevelopment, reuse and restoration projects to boost revitalization of the entire community, not just benefit individual properties. PLACE DOCTORS help them boost ROI; return on public (and private) investments. Governors and presidents want policies and strategies that grow jobs and boost quality of life to help keep them in office. Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators help them achieve exactly that.

The entire PLACE DOCTOR Program is based on Storm Cunningham’s three books, The Restoration Economy (2002), Rewealth (2008) and RECONOMICS (2019). There’s one Course for each book, and a test for each chapter in those Courses. You’ll encounter two kinds of questions in those tests: 1) those that make sure you’ve retained key lessons, and 2) those that prove that you read the books. If you find yourself asking “how is that knowledge going to be of any use?“, it’s the latter kind of question.

You must take the three courses in order. Course One is a prerequisite of Course Two, and both are prerequisites of Course Three.  NOTE: the “progress bar” will update after completion of each course, NOT after completion of tests.

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