Join Our Online, Part-Time Faculty Today.

Would you love to help distressed nations,
regions, islands & communities worldwide?

They need timely, savvy advice on renewing
buildings, heritage, agriculture, brownfields, ecosystems, infrastructure, and economies.

Create your ideal role (or future role) in the $3 trillion wave of resilience and regeneration
as a ReCOLLEGE Advisor.

Enjoy new allies, income, and satisfaction. Join the faculty
of ReCOLLEGE: the world’s first non-profit, quick-response advisors for projects, cities, regions, and nations in crisis.

● Help heal troubled urban, rural, and wild places worldwide;
● Earn $40-$400/hour advising leaders of projects & places;
● Enjoy new job offers, partners, publicity, investors, donors.

Join Us, If Your Current Or Future Profession Involves Any Of
These Types of "Re" Projects, Plans, Policies, Or Programs:

Adaptive reuse; economic revitalization; sustainable redevelopment;
renewable energy; brownfields remediation; housing renovation;
 infrastructure renovation; workforce retraining; downtown revitalization;
heritage renewal; regenerative agriculture; environmental restoration;
walkable/transit-oriented redesign; public spaces/services renewal;
stakeholder reengagement; societal reconciliation; energy retrofits;
fishery restoration; invasives removal; mined lands remediation/reuse;
post-conflict reconstruction; reforestation; community reinvestment;
disaster recovery; coastal relocation; climate resilience; climate restoration.

The best time to shift a place or institution toward
a more just, sustainable future is often during a crisis,
whether bottom-up via projects, or top-down via policies.

Instant Inspiration, Insight, and Information For Our Clients.
Instant Income For Our 1-on-1 Videochat-Based Advisors.

As both sudden and gradual disasters proliferate worldwide, you can immediately assist with your advice.

● Earn now or learn first.

● Work alone or with a team.

● Wherever you want.

● Whenever you want.

Join during this Pre-Launch period to become a Founding Faculty member. You can be proud of advancing the world's first quick-response advisory service for distressed urban, rural & wild places.

Do What You Love For A Living,
If Only For A Few Hours/Month.

As a paid, freelance ReCOLLEGE Advisor, you can
refocus your work around your enthusiasms within
the global, $3 trillion regenerative growth trend.

Escape Your Professional Silo: Evolve Your Own Unique Specialty.

Every place has unique challenges, dreams and resources. Each of us has a unique blend of experiences, training, interests, and talents.
What people need in the real world seldom matches traditional professional and academic labels. Maybe you’re good at facilitating inclusive economic revitalization in post-mining communities. Maybe you love to restore biodiversity on islands. Maybe you were thrown into a long-term post-disaster recovery project, and developed stakeholder engagement skills specific to rebuilding. That becomes your ReCOLLEGE specialty. 
The more you focus on it, the more you become THE expert on it. As that happens, write about it and we’ll publish you in REVITALIZATION.

Need Additional Expertise To Offer Exceptional Guidance?
Join or create a ReTEAM with fellow Advisors:
It's quick, easy, and free.

Many urban revitalization, climate resilience and natural resource restoration issues are complex, needing a variety of experts. But most places have similar kinds of challenges, so why not create a ReTEAM to solve them?  It’s a FREE feature.

That saves the clients from the tedious process of finding the right expert for each aspect. If you can’t find an existing ReTEAM to join, you can quickly and easily launch a new one yourself and invite one, two, or three fellow Advisors to join it.

Each ReTEAM can establish an hourly videochat rate for the team as a whole, with the automatic distribution of those fees pre-determined by the team members.

What kinds of challenges can ReTEAMS address?

ReTEAMS are good for guiding community or regional agendas that integrate economic, social, and environmental issues. Or that integrate the renewal of natural and built assets. ReTEAMS can specialize in specific economies, such as mining, fishing, recreational, manufacturing, post-industrial, etc. They can also specialize by country, language, etc.

Whether offered as a ReTEAM or individually, ReCOLLEGE videochats provide instant, informal counseling to plug the gap between today’s need for guidance and the guidance offered by a formal, expensive, RFP-derived consulting contract a year from now. They orient Clients towards potential resources, strategies and technical solutions. This informed orientation also helps them write more-productive RFPs and RFQs, if needed.


ReCOLLEGE is an arsenal of expertise to defend people and planet.

The ReCOLLEGE is like a non-profit “Amazon.com” of economic revitalization, nature restoration, disaster recovery, and resilience: every type of advisor public and private leaders need to accomplish a program, project or initiative, anywhere in the world. 

The videochats you do with clients can lead to much more substantial work for you or your organization. That’s between you and the client, of course: we don’t get involved. 

(in any of 150+ languages: we provide instant voice-to-voice & voice-to-text translation)

1) After joining, you’ll fill out our faculty questionnaire, describing the kinds of knowledge and experiences you wish to share, and your hourly rate.
2) There’s no annual membership fee, so take as long as you wish—hours or years—to refine your profile before clicking the “Go Live” button.
3) You’ll use our calendar app to select times you are available for Client sessions. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of work required.
4) Clients keyword search Advisors, select one, use your calendar to schedule a session in your 1-on-1 videochat classroom, and pay up front.
5) In most cases, you won’t need to prepare a presentation: our Clients mostly want your tap your insights, opinions, resources, contacts, etc.
6) You receive your earnings (minus bank fee and 9% to support our non-profit work) direct to your checking, Stripe, or PayPal account.

$40/Hour? $400/Hour? Mornings? Evenings? Weekends?
Set Your Own Rate, And Hours, For Your Live Videochats.

Besides Income, Your 1-on-1
Videochats Can Also Yield:

1) Business clients, job offers, investors, donors, etc;
2) Significant, positive, free publicity worldwide;
3) Paid speaking gigs; and
4) A reputation as a national or global expert
     in a satisfying specialty that you define.

Joining our faculty is FREE, but a small, refunded deposit is
necessary to protect us, and our clients, from bogus enrollments.

GOOD NEWS: The Refundable Deposit To Build Your One-On-One Videochat Classroom Is Only $95 During This Pre-Launch Period.
The deposit is automatically refunded after 3 years of membership.
You get lifetime faculty status: there is no annual membership fee.

As a Founding Faculty member, your title is "Senior Advisor,"
And You'll Enjoy 3 Exclusive Founding Faculty Benefits:

1) $200 SAVINGS: Register for only $95, not the regular $295, during in this Pre-Launch period;
2) CONSULTATION: 20 minutes with Storm Cunningham. Strategize for desired results;
3) ENHANCED VISIBILITY: Premium positioning in the faculty roster.


After ReCOLLEGE launches in January of 2024, new Advisors pay
a refundable deposit of $295 for their classroom construction.

But, Register Now And The One-Time Refundable Deposit Is Just $95.
 You’ll save $200 and will permanently be a Senior Advisor.

This special $95 Pre-Launch registration offer will end without prior notice
as soon as we achieve a sufficient diversity of Founding Faculty members.

ReCOLLEGE is an educational service of RECONOMICS Institute, a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization based in Washington, DC, USA.
Neither ReCOLLEGE nor RECONOMICS Institute is an accredited, degree-granting educational institution.

Enhance Your Present, Or Design Your Ideal Future.

There’s no annual membership fee, so take as long as you want to hone the mission of your dreams before doing videochats for income.

Many ReCOLLEGE Advisors have decades of relevant education, training and experience under their belts when then join us.
Others recently graduated, or haven’t been very involved in “re” activities. For the latter, it’s probably best to spend a year or more attending our free ReCOLLEGE Advisor Training Webinars (live and recorded), maybe getting PLACE DOCTOR certified (at a 50% discount),  and participating in ReTEAM videochats, before doing individual videochats with Clients. Your Advisor registration lasts a lifetime, so there’s no rush.


When we set up a classroom for you, it requires staff time. The construction fee defrays that expense. It also ensures that only qualified folks sign up: people confident that their present (or future) knowledge will be of value.

The 9% service fee on your videochat revenue offsets ongoing expenses, so we don’t need to charge the annual membership fee that you normally encounter with professional associations and not-for-profit organizations. 


Nouns (black/white; architect/engineer) tend to separate us. Verbs (regenerate, renew, restore, revive, rebuild, etc.) tend to unite us.
RECONOMICS Institute is a vast family of folks who love regenerating places. It doesn’t matter what we regenerate, where we regenerate, or
how we regenerate: fixing our world is what brings us together.

We’re not even separated as ReCOLLEGE Clients vs. Advisors:
We’re all learners and doers, and the best way to learn is to teach.

Would you love to help distressed urban, rural, and natural places regenerate? Whether you’re freshly graduated at the beginning of your career, or recently retired at the “end” of your career, ReCOLLEGE fits. Whether you provide real estate services, strategic advice, specialized equipment, grant writing, financial services, or planning / design expertise, those who need you will find you fast. If you’re part of an organization, your membership on the ReCOLLEGE faculty can attract publicity, clients, investors, grants, and employees. Coming soon at ReCOLLEGE.org!

Let These Senior Advisors Tell You Why They Joined.

I’ve spearheaded initiatives ranging from a grassroots climate project in Africa backed by a $50 million grant from the World Bank, to co-founding Global Greens, which united more than 100 national Green Parties worldwide.
That experience makes it easy for me to see the importance of joining the ReCOLLEGE faculty.”
– Annie Goeke, Independent Consultant; Author; CMO at iQsonics; Co-Executive Director/Founder at Earth Rights Institute; Former Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Board Member; Partner at United African Congress;
Recipient of Peace Award (2008); and Co-Founder of Coalition for Sustainable Africa.
As President of the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership, a 30-year non-profit community development corporation (CDC), I’ve learned a lot about revitalizing distressed, heritage-rich neighborhoods. That knowledge can be of great value to those just starting such initiatives, so I’m happy to be on the ReCOLLEGE faculty.
– Paula Robinson. Paula is also President of the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area Commission, a 501(c)(3) organization that’s revitalizing Chicago’s historic African American community as an international tourism destination.
Our firm goes beyond architecture to employ a holistic and biomimetic approach with LIFE at its core. We co-create shared spaces for humans and other organisms to thrive. I joined ReCOLLEGE to create regenerative change at scale.
Adib Dada, Founder, Lead Architect & Forest Maker at theOtherDada, a regenerative consulting and architecture practice. Adib is rewilding Beirut and reclaiming public space by planting native forests in urban landfills. Adib works worldwide, and lectures at Cambridge University, Goethe Institute, etc. Adib has won the McNulty Foundation Impact Grant, D&AD D&AD Future Impact Award, iF Social Impact Prize, etc. Watch 6-minute documentary on Adib’s work.
At Urban A&O, we use regenerative principles to implement ‘Smart Cities’ projects worldwide that are socially, environmentally, & financially sustainable. ReCOLLEGE helps places fund and implement such projects. Being on the ReCOLLEGE faculty provides more opportunities for us to create resilient revitalization for our clients.
– Joe MacDonald, Founder, Principal, Global Chief Sustainability & Energy Officer, Urban A&O.
With offices around the world, Urban A&O has won dozens of international sustainability and design awards, most recently “Best SDG Impact Global” and “Best SDG Impact – Sustainable Cities” from the United Nations in 2023.
Economic development organizations are found nationwide. Job creation, business retention/expansion, and workforce development are their tenets. But effectively integrating these disciplines across the various community development initiatives makes all the difference when helping places revitalize, recover or build resilience.
ReCOLLEGE is a great way for me to contribute to advancing this complex and wonderful field of work!
Troy McCue, CEcD, Executive Director, Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation (Colorado, USA).
Graduate of Colorado State University – Fort Collins, College of Agriculture (Agricultural Business & Management).
As the world’s cities continue their rapid, inexorable shift from sprawl to economic growth based on redevelopment, more architects and urban planners must learn the unique dynamics of repurposing and renewing structures, as well as reconnecting and revitalizing neighborhoods. ReCOLLEGE helps us communicate that focus to new clients worldwide.
Alvaro Arellano, Principal, Alvaro Arellano Arquitecto Urbanista (Mexico City, Mexico).
See his research paper “Declining Neighborhoods in Baltimore: Alternative Strategies to the Abandoned Housing Problem: A Cross-National Planning Perspective” published by Johns Hopkins University.
Communication is a huge obstacle communities face when addressing complex goals like
revitalization and resilience. Deep canvassing produces better conversations with all stakeholders.
I look forward to sharing my deep canvassing expertise on ReCOLLEGE, to support those who are working
to influence public opinion, win political change, or run community engagement campaigns.
Laura Marie (LM) Davis, Founder, LM Engagement, LLC (Dayton, Ohio, USA).
Master of Environmental Management, Ecosystem Science and Conservation, Duke University.

Current Advisors range from retired mayors, to self-employed consultants, to employees of institutions such as FEMA, USAID, USEPA,
United Nations, World Bank, Stanford University, as well as municipal governments of London, UK; Los Angeles, USA; and Ottawa, Canada.
For-profit companies are well-represented also, from tiny start-ups to Jacobs, the Texas-based $15 billion global AEC firm.

Four additional ReCOLLEGE benefits:

1) When you have meaningful news, we’ll feature you in our journal, REVITALIZATION, the world’s #1 publication for improving places;
When you do significant work, we will issue a global press release;
3) You can form unique Solution Teams with other faculty members;
4) Boost your revitalization expertise & income by getting certified as a PLACE DOCTOR. As a Re
COLLEGE Advisor, you get a 50% discount on enrollment.

WHO SHOULD JOIN?  You, if you have training, education, experience, or services that could help places grow health, wealth, housing, safety and/or unity, such as project funding/financing/legal experts, governance, business/non-profit/foundation management, academics, etc.
Practitioners Too: restoration ecologists, brownfields remediators, historic preservationists, downtown revitalizers, regenerative farmers,
infrastructure engineers, architects, planners, investors, real estate developers, executive coaches, economists, management consultants.


The World's First & Largest Publication
For Regenerative Professionals.

Since 2015, our journal, REVITALIZATION, has inspired and informed its hundreds of thousands of loyal, innovative, influential readers.  It’s the original publication focusing on recovery and resilience in all its forms: built, natural, and socioeconomic. Responsible public and private leaders worldwide depend on it.

With its archive of over 10,000 articles in over 200 issues, REVITALIZATION is the largest storehouse of information to plan, design, fund, and implement initiatives to revitalize economies, redevelop cities, renovate heritage,  restore natural resources, improve disaster recovery, and boost climate resilience.

Anyone who is serious about succeeding in regenerative work reads REVITALIZATION.
Those who do succeed appear in REVITALIZATION. That can soon be you.

Your Current Title And Profession Don't Matter:
Only your desire to focus your talents on "re".

Many ReCOLLEGE Clients will be expert at maintaining places, but overwhelmed by revitalization and recovery challenges.
Others are simply out of their depth: a silver tongue can transform a motel owner into a mayor, or a farmer into a governor.
ReCOLLEGE helps them instantly find the right Advisor to obtain the advice they need, at a fee that fits their budget.

You don’t need to be a “big picture” leader: Most ReCOLLEGE Advisors specialize in parts of the renewal process. Local recovery involves all: banker, planner, city council member, entrepreneur, Main Street manager, accountant, volunteer, ecologist, etc.

Regenerating urban, rural and natural places is a trillion-dollar global growth industry. But most professionals and local leaders are newcomers: they’ve never before applied their skills to downtown revitalization, watershed restoration, hurricane recovery, etc.

If you have helped improve some aspect of a place, or have been trained to do so, you have insights of value to those who haven’t.  Why not get paid to share your stories, resources or techniques?

For a place in crisis, obtaining expert advice via RFP is expensive
and slow, at a time when prompt and affordable is what's needed.


  • ORIENTATION: As soon as you join the ReCOLLEGE, you are entitled to a free 20-minute phone or video consult with Storm Cunningham. The goal is to help you strategize, in order to get the most benefit for yourself or your organization from your faculty membership.
  • SATISFACTION: You’ll be part of a comprehensive solution. You won’t just be reducing new damage, pollution and waste (the goal of most “green” and “sustainable” work): you’ll undo existing damage, while revitalizing places and making them less vulnerable to new damage.
  • FOLLOW-UP WORK: Your videochat clients might occasionally ask you to do (paid) follow-up work, such as reviewing plans;
  • YOUR EVOLVING PROFILE: You don’t need to define your capabilities perfectly from Day One. You will likely fine-tune your focus over time, and that can be reflected in your updated profile. What’s more, if you work with an organization, your profile can also mention the capabilities you can tap by collaborating with your co-workers;
  • REMOTE OR TRAVEL: If you wish, some work could require travel to exotic (or boring) places, but most can be done remotely.
  • PAID SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: If your ReCOLLEGE Clients like what you tell them, they might pay you to share the message with their local leaders or residents, often paying a substantial fee along with your travel expenses;
  • PRESTIGE: You will be associated with some of the largest, most-respected AEC firms, financial organizations, universities, non-profits, NGOs, foundations, and governmental bodies on the planet.
  • EXPOSURE: You can write a Guest Article for REVITALIZATION: The Journal of Urban, Rural & Environmental Resilience, which features over 10,000 articles in its archive of 200+ issues, and will be publicly credited in the journal as a ReCOLLEGE faculty member.
  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITES: When RECONOMICS Institute gets involved in RFPs and RFQs, we will give first preference to referring ReCOLLEGE faculty members when the client is looking for a particular expertise that we can’t provide.
  • EXPOSURE: You will appear on the ReCOLLEGE faculty page when the site goes live. Your listing will show a photo or logo, and can include links to your organization, your LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • NEW FRIENDS: Enjoy meeting and networking with like-minded folks who share your passions;
  • IMPACT: RECONOMICS Institute experts are occasionally asked to speak at hearings conducted by members of the U.S. Congress, as well as at meetings conducted by the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, etc. These are not paid engagements, but we will invite you to join us when you have a needed expertise or point of view.


For almost a decade, our journal, REVITALIZATION, has been read by millions of public leaders and regenerative practitioners worldwide, recently surpassing 10,000 articles in over 200 issues. 

During that same time, RECONOMICS Institute has trained and certified many of those same people to improve the process of renewing places.

With the world awash in worsening catastrophes, our largest initiative, RISING PLACES, will soon launch after two years of research and development. Users of these essential new tools will seek expert guidance for their local projects.

Now, in collaboration with a major professional association for public leaders, a major university, and a major international NGO, all of these resources are being tapped to create the ReCOLLEGE.  This will solve several obstacles to the resilient redevelopment of the world’s cities and the resilient restoration of its natural resources, such as professional, institutional, and funding silos.

Finally, all forms of regenerative experts will be quickly and easily available via videochat to help fund, design, plan, implement, and communicate efforts to renew every aspect of a place: social, ecological, economic, infrastructure, heritage, agricultural, brownfields…plus disaster recovery and resilience. There’s never been a more perfect time for the ReCOLLEGE.


There are myriad professional certifications, academic courses, webinars, conferences, newsletters, etc. on various aspects of improving places or helping them recover. But it’s well-documented that the average retention rate for such learning is under 10%. When a local mayor, redeveloper, Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood group or government agency is faced with their first recovery challenge—disaster, economic. social, environmental, etc.—they need guidance NOW from someone with relevant training or experience. And that is often not available locally. 


Resilience is best built by repurposing, renewing and reconnecting the natural, built and socioeconomic assets of a place. Regeneration, in other words. That’s also the most reliable way to revitalize a place.

So, resilience and revitalization efforts should ideally be one and the same. If separate, then they should at least be integrated for maximum efficiency and efficacy. This is why ReCOLLEGE brings together all forms of resilience, regeneration and revitalization expertise.

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