RE CHAMPIONSTM Scholarship Program​.

Do you have more money than time? Just $100 will help put your local recovery on track.

You don’t need to become a certified RE Facilitator to help revitalize your community or region:
You can help others become certified by paying all or part of their tuition.

Most public and private community or regional leaders have little or no real training in recovery, revitalization or resilience.
Now—in the economic devastation of COVID-19 lockdowns, when places urgently need such knowledge—
government and non-profit budgets can no longer afford their employee training programs. That’s where you come in.

Champion your local recovery by helping
local leaders get certified as RE Facilitators

With as little as $100, you can quickly and easily underwrite all or half of their tuition (your choice) to get them certified as Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators (“RE Facilitators”). 

Our RE Champions program is for those who want their organization, city, region or nation to benefit from having certified RE Facilitators, but who don’t necessarily want to be RE Facilitators themselves.

100% or 50% Cost-Share Scholarships Available.

You can pay either 100% or 50% of the RE Facilitator tuition for the people you feel would benefit from the training.

As a RE Champion, you can sponsor 1 person or 1000. They can be anyone who contributes in any way to improving your community or region: local government employees, volunteers, social entrepreneurs, etc. You can also use it as part of your employee training program, if you run a company or non-profit.

Besides improving recovery, revitalization or resilience efforts, having at least one RE Facilitator in local government qualifies your area to be listed in our annual RE Communities report. This can help attract employers and real estate investors.


Our RE Champions program makes it quick  and easy to get multiple local leaders certified as RE Facilitators.  You, as the sponsoring entity—such as a mayor, governor, foundation or corporation—simply pay the tuition (or 50%) in advance for the number you wish to have certified. The scholarships never expire, so there’s no time pressure.

We provide you with a coupon code (all of your people use the same code), which applies only to the Complete Program. The designated number of individuals can then enroll themselves either free of charge, or at half price. You simply pass along that code to the people for whom you’re providing these scholarships, and your work is done.


  • Juan Valdez (not real name)  is a dentist in an economically-struggling town of 10,000 people. He purchased three “SHARE” scholarships, covering 50% of the RE Facilitator tuition for three people. Juan then emailed the coupon code to the town’s mayor, economic developer and planner, inviting them to enroll for half the normal tuition. The mayor and planner accepted the offer, but the economic developer declined. Juan then sent the unused coupon code to the Executive Director of the local community foundation, who used it.
  • Betty Crocker (not real name) is the CEO of a large AEC firm. She purchased 322 GIFT scholarships for all of the architects, engineers and planners in the firm, covering 100% of the RE Facilitator tuition. She emailed the coupon code to those 322 employees, telling them to get certified. Her strategy is to gain a reputation among cities worldwide as the firm that knows how to maximize the revitalizing effect of every urban redevelopment, brownfield remediation and infrastructure renewal project.


The RE Champions Program solves three common obstacles to rapidly organizing resilient economic revitalization:
  1. Quickly training local leaders in the latest principles and practices for creating resilient economic recovery;
  2. The lack of a strategic renewal process, which is needed to turn plans and projects into lasting overall success, and
  3. The lack of integration, as operational silos prevent effective interagency coordination.
Even before the pandemic, public leaders complained about how silos sabotaged initiatives by preventing their dozens of local agencies from seeing the big picture, while also creating tremendous inefficiencies.

Now, in the economic aftermath of COVID-19 shutdowns, failure and inefficiency are intolerable. Billions will be spent to re-start economies, much of it on urban redevelopment and infrastructure renewal projects. But few communities know the process than can double or triple the ROI (revitalization on investment) of those investments. The easiest, least inexpensive path to a lasting solution to these challenges is to get all of those siloed leaders certified as Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators™ (RE Facilitators™, for short). 

The presence of certified RE Facilitators in multiple agencies—as well as in local non-profits, foundations and corporation—helps address two additional dysfunctions found in most communities:

  1. “perpetual planning syndrome,” whereby plans are endlessly written and updated, but never effectively funded and implemented, and
  2. “project mindset”, whereby vast amounts are spent on individual redevelopment projects, but community revitalization never manifests because there’s no ongoing program to capture momentum and inspire confidence on the local future (which is essential to attract residents, employers and investment).

A premier example of the global micro-credential trend, the RE Facilitator certification is primarily an add-on credential for those who are already trained in some aspect of managing communities, regions or nations. These include planners, mayors, policymakers, public works directors, economic developers, and private developers. Graduates of the RE Facilitator program display “RE” after their name, similar to how professional engineers display “PE” after their names.  This reflects the fact that most of their focus is on “re” activities: redevelopment, restoration, remediation, reuse, repurposing, renewing, reconnecting, etc.


A fringe benefit of being a RE Champion is you will be putting your area “on the map” as a better place in which to invest. Having at least one RE Facilitator in local government qualifies your area to be listed in our annual RE Communities report (inaugural report in 2021).

This can help attract employers and real estate investors. Why? Because investors and potential employers don’t care so much about current conditions. They care about future conditions. When they are confident the future will be better, they want to be part of that revitalization. It’s a buy-low, sell-high opportunity. But they have few reliable indicators. The RE Community designation will be one.

Most communities try to inspire such confidence with branding campaigns and mega-projects. Even when these tactics work (which is seldom), they are very expensive. Far more inspiring is when they see that your area has an effective, proven renewal process with strong public buy-in.

Despite the fact the revitalization and resilience are fairly universal goals in communities all around the planet, few actually have a process for reliably creating resilient, inclusive economic growth. Most just have the usual vision, plan and projects. But the reliable production of ANYTHING—crops, cars or clothing—requires a process. Everyone knows this…except community leaders. That’s why over 95% of community revitalization and resilience projects fail to achieve their goals, and a shocking percentage fail outright.

The reason is the lack of a complete renewal process. There’s always at least one crucial element of the process missing. Leaders don’t know what the minimum viable process is, so they can’t fill the gap. RECONOMICS Institute teaches that strategic renewal process. Confidence in the future of your economy and quality of life is the single most important factor in attracting new investment, new employers and new residents.


You can gift 100% of the tuition, so there’s no cost to the student other than the 3 text books (which you can also supply separately, if you wish.) Or, you can share the tuition cost with them 50-50.
  • Each 100% GIFT scholarship you purchase costs you $199, and covers the entire $299 tuition for the complete RE Facilitator program (a $100 discount for you).
  • Each 50% SHARE scholarship you purchase will cost you $100, and will cover $200 of the $299 tuition for the complete RE Facilitator program (also a $100 discount for you): the student pays only $99.

You can purchase as many GIFT or SHARE scholarships as you wish. Only obtain as many coupons as you’re sure will be used: there are no refunds, and you can easily sponsor more folks later if needed. [Can’t afford scholarships? Buy and give copies of RECONOMICS instead!]

Sponsor 3 People, Get 1 Free. Pay for 3 scholarships (GIFT or SHARE), and we’ll send you a coupon that’s valid for 4 enrollments.

BE A RE CHAMPION: Select your preferred scholarship type below.

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