The Experts Distressed Places Need Now.

As economic, social, and environmental crises proliferate worldwide, this new certification is perfectly timed.

Why Should You Get Certified?

Imagine this scenario: You’re in a meeting called by the mayor.
In the room are bankers, TIF attorneys, developers, planners. transportation engineers, architects, policy wonks, etc.

The mayor asks: “So, how can we help ensure that our redevelopment investments and initiatives create what we really want: resilient revitalization? How do we reverse our downward trajectory and boost confidence in our local future to attract more jobs and investment?

If you want to be the one person with a safe, reliable prescription, while everyone else scratches their head, you need to get certified.


Help Cure Local Economic, Environmental And Social Ills. (revitalization)
Prevent Those Ills Locally, Even As They Get Worse Globally. (resilience)
Prescribe A Regimen For Resilient Prosperity. (revitalization + resilience)


Available to all, our new PLACE DOCTOR certification is especially useful for youth. It provides a thorough understanding of the “big picture” regarding the industries, disciplines and trends that are helping places recover, revitalize and build their disaster resilience.  It makes you better at any profession that improves our world: law, architecture, engineering, ecology, public policy, project management, planning, economic development, municipal management, etc.

3 Benefits Of Being A

1) As a volunteer—or as an elected leader—you can more effectively contribute to giving your community a brighter future.

2) As a professional, your role will be more attractive to public clients if you can add value by enhancing revitalization, recovery, and resilience.

3) Once the RISING PLACES initiative goes live, you can earn income helping communities boost renewal capacity and get accredited as a RISING PLACE. This improves their local prognosis by making the area more attractive to public funders, employers, and private investors.


The three PLACE DOCTOR courses are $75 each.
You normally save $26 by enrolling in the Complete Program for $199.

But, act NOW and you get a $50 discount on Complete Program tuition.
That’s a total of only $149 for your full tuition.

This global giant is learning how to leverage construction projects into
ongoing, community-wide revitalization and resilience programs.

Jacobs teams are excited to work with RECONOMICS Institute to develop high-impact programs for our clients in cities and regions worldwide. I first met Storm Cunningham, Executive Director of RECONOMICS Institute, during his landmark work for the Governor of Montana. RECONOMICS Institute is leading the way in developing effective
and efficient programmatic approaches to community-scale renewal and resilience.

- Christopher Allen, Senior Consultant – Sustainability and Resilience, Jacobs

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. is a global AEC (architecture, engineering, construction)
firm with over 57,000 employees and over $12 billion in annual revenues.

(Photo shows Jacobs headquarters in Dallas, Texas)


01. Enroll in the Complete PLACE DOCTOR Program

If you prefer one course at a time—enroll in Course 1 (then Courses 2 & 3, as each is completed) at $75 each.
Enrolling in the Complete Program is just $199, saving you $26.
But, our current Inaugural discount gives you $50 off, for a total of only $149.

Enrollment entitles you to a 3-year subscription (or extension, if you already subscribe) to
REVITALIZATION, our journal, with access to its archive of over 10,000 articles in 200+ issues over the past decade.

02. Read the 3 books that comprise the curriculum, and then take the 42 online tests

At universities, curricula evolve slowly, so reading lists keep courses current. We skip the outdated curriculum, and simply assign the ideal reading list. It's the same 3 books relied on by hundreds of NGOs, government agencies and universities worldwide: The RE Trilogy, which comprises The Restoration Economy (Course One), Rewealth (Course Two) and RECONOMICS (Course Three). We also use the university cost model: the textbooks are purchased by the students, and are not included in the tuition (shipping books worldwide is problematic). If you don’t already own these three acclaimed books, you can obtain them (print or e-book, new or used) from Amazon, or from bookstores worldwide. Take as much or as little time as you want to read the 3 books and take the 42 online tests (enrollment doesn't expire).

When you finish Course Three, you’ll receive your diploma as a certified PLACE DOCTOR, and can proudly put PLACE DOCTOR after your name. As long as you maintain a subscription to our journal ($9.99/year), your certification remains current.

03. Help Communities Revitalize AND Help Them Get Accredited As RISING PLACES.

After reading the course material, you'll understand how repurposing, renewing & reconnecting natural, built and socioeconomic assets produces resilient prosperity. You'll also understand why the world's most spectacular revitalization successes have had all six elements of the RECONOMICS Process in place: 1) a regenerative program; 2) a regenerative vision; 3) a regenerative strategy; 4) regenerative policies; 5) regenerative public-public, public-private, and private-private partnerships; and 6) regenerative projects/initiatives.

The RISING PLACES initiative will help public funders and private investors/developers find the communities that are most likely to turn their investments into success: those with a complete local RECONOMICS Process. Your role as a PLACE DOCTOR will be to help communities plug the gaps in their revitalization / resilience efforts, and then submit their application to be accredited as a RISING PLACE. They will pay you for these services. At the end of 2024, RISING PLACESTM goes live. As an PLACE DOCTOR, this is your superpower.

For over 20 years, our network of NGOs has improved the well-being of communities worldwide. So, we’re very happy to see
our members enrolling in RECONOMICS Institute’s excellent program to get certified as PLACE DOCTORS.

Dr. Taj Hamad, Chairman, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations

We are recommending that having a certified PLACE DOCTOR on staff be added to our eligibility criteria for projects and programs soliciting funding for climate-smart disaster recovery / resilience, urban redevelopment and rural revitalization.World Bank Group

Of the many credentials that have emerged in the past decade, the PLACE DOCTOR program
plugs what might be the most crucial—and common—gap in urban and regional management skills.
This new discipline embodies trend towards holistic, strategic, programmatic community renewal,
and away from outdated dependence on plans, branding, megaprojects and employer incentives.” – EPA

As a seasoned attorney, I have a high threshold that any certification needs to meet before I invest time, energy and trust pursuing it.
PLACE DOCTOR program is at the top of my very short list.  Less than 3 months after graduating,
I’m applying my new insights to guiding a massive environmental restoration & regional revitalization initiative.
Without this certification, I would have missed important opportunities to contribute real value.”
– Sal Orofino, Place Doctor


No matter how many talented musicians you have, they won't perform Beethoven's Ninth until they are an orchestra. Communities are in a similar situation. Most have talented leaders, planners, architects, engineers and developers, but won't produce a better future until they coalesce into a cohesive program. With that, they can create a local version of the RECONOMICS Process: Their program is the orchestra; their vision & strategy are the conductor; their policymakers, partnerships & project participants are the musicians.

A PLACE DOCTOR thus has three key roles: (1) Help the community or region create the ongoing program;
(2) After the program is created, help them add the remaining five elements of the RECONOMICS Process;
(3) Once the process is in place, help the community get accredited as a RISING PLACE.

The PLACE DOCTOR certification:

  1. Positions youth for a career that improves the future in which they must live; and
  2. Helps established professionals enhance their career and personal satisfaction by applying their existing skills to revitalizing places and making them more resilient.

There are over 100 professions contributing to community revitalization and resilience by improving our natural, built and socioeconomic environments. These include:

  • engineers renovating and greening transportation, water and power infrastructure;
  • architects restoring and adaptively reusing old buildings;
  • landscape architects greening cities and rejuvenating parks;
  • ecologists working on reforestation and ecosystem restoration;
  • economists, urban planners, policy experts and elected officials revitalizing cities & regions;
  • economic developers promoting communities to attract employers;
  • chemists and biologists remediating contaminated properties;
  • lawyers, accountants and insurance experts financing and negotiating all of the above.

While all of these essential professionals contribute to improving places, few actually have any training in the principles, processes and practices of revitalization and resilience. Those with such knowledge are generally far more successful. This is where the PLACE DOCTOR micro-certification comes in. It enhances any specialty that deals with societies, economies or ecologies. PLACE DOCTOR-certified professionals help grow their organizations, since growing economies and improving quality of life are perennial, universal goals that reliably attract funding.


Enroll now and—upon graduation—you’ll receive a world-class 100-slide PowerPoint presentation, so you can immediately start doing powerful talks and seminars. You can add, delete and edit slides as needed, customizing it to the unique focus and priorities of any client or audience.
It’s for your use only, and can’t be sold or given away. You’ll also receive a link to a Zoom recording of a recent keynote using this presentation, so you can see and hear how to use it most effectively.


COMPLETE PROGRAM: Enroll in all 3 courses and save.

The PLACE DOCTOR program comprises
3 courses. Each is based on a book (NOT included in your tuition):
Course 1: The Restoration Economy
Course 2: Rewealth
Quick & Easy: Avoid enrolling in & paying for each course individually. Save $26: Tuition is just $199 ($225 - $26 Complete Program discount).
INAUGURAL SALE: Enroll NOW to save $50 (just $149 total!).


Course One of the PLACE DOCTOR certification program covers "History, Taxonomy & Principles."
It comprises 15 online tests.
Tuition for Course One is $75.
The required reading & entire course content is the classic 2002 book, The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler). NOT included in tuition. You must take the three courses in order. Course One is a prerequisite of Course Two, and both are prerequisites of Course Three.


Course Two of the PLACE DOCTOR certification program covers "Best Practices & Worst Problems."
It comprises 15 online tests.
The required reading & entire course content is the groundbreaking 2008 book, reWealth (McGraw-Hill). NOT included in tuition.
Tuition for Course Two is $75.
Course One is a prerequisite of enrolling in Course Two.


Course Three of the PLACE DOCTOR program covers "Leading Edge Strategies & Emerging Trends."
It comprises 12 online tests. The required reading & entire course content is the revolutionary 2020 book, RECONOMICS (the online version is FREE to enrollees & REVITALIZATION subscribers).
Tuition for Course Three is $75.
Courses One & Two are prerequisites of enrolling in Course Three.

The program comprises 3 courses/books +
42 quick online tests.
Complete it in a couple of weeks, or take as long as you want.

If you take an entire Course’s Tests per day, it takes 3 days to complete the Program (not including reading the 3 books).
NOTE: The 3 books of required reading are NOT included in your tuition. Our students are worldwide, making book delivery problematic. (Besides, most enrollees already possess one or more of the RE Trilogy books.)

Take the tests as you read the books.

The Tests and Questions appear in the same order as the book text, so you can learn and get certified simultaneously.
Each of the 42 Tests is based on a book chapter, so Test lengths vary with the chapter lengths.
You’ll be told at the beginning of each Test how many Questions it has, so you’ll know if you have sufficient time to take it.
If you fail a Test (passing grade is 70%), you can retake it as many times as needed, since the goal is learning, not attrition.


Required reading in local governments and universities around the globe, these 3 books also guide national policy development.
U.S. federal agencies using the RE Trilogy: Dept. of Commerce; Dept. of State; Dept. of Defense; EPA; FEMA; HUD; NOAA & USAID.

“Two books, The Restoration Economy and Rewealth, strongly influenced my approach to community economic development.
So, when RECONOMICS was published, and the Place Doctor program was announced, I enrolled immediately.
It’s the perfect next step in my career growth!”
 – Julia Oxarango-Ingram, PCED
CEO, CrossRoads Concepts & Consulting; former Director, Southern Idaho Rural Development

Starting with the rebuilding of Lisbon after the earthquake and tsunami of 1755, these three seminal books cover the past, present and future of recovery, revitalization and resilience. Despite their importance, they are fun to read; written in a very accessible, conversational style.

The Restoration Economy

Buy It On Amazon

"The Restoration Economy is an extremely important and fascinating book." - Amos Brandeis, Architect & Urban/Regional Planner, Vice Chairman of Israel Planners' Association.

"This book is an original, a first! I profited from it greatly, and I quote from it in my speeches." - William H. Hudnut III, 4-term Mayor of Indianapolis

"Little more than a year after being published, The Restoration Economy is already being hailed by business, political, environmental, and academic leaders as a modern classic. Few books in recent times have so quickly and effectively reshaped our dialogue and assumptions about the future of economic development at the community, corporate, and global levels." - Tim Fields, Senior Vice President, Tetra Tech; Ass't Administrator, Solid Waste & Emergency Response, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"The Restoration Economy is required reading here at Weston Solutions." - Bill Robertson, Chairman, Weston Solutions, & Assoc. Chief of Engineers at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"This is a landmark work, extremely well written and developed." - Mark Stewart, Senior Vice President, Intrado, Inc.

"Storm Cunningham really nails it: The Restoration Economy is THE book for 21st Century corporate and political leaders! - Dr. Robert Rosen, CEO, Healthy Companies Int'l


Buy It On Amazon

"This is the book world leaders should be talking about! ...they will find the path to revitalizing our economy, restoring our environment, and renewing the quality of our lives." - Bill Leary, Director of Natural Resources, White House Council on Environmental Quality

"Every business and government executive in the world needs to read this book twice! Absolutely brilliant..." - Eric Garland, CEO, Competitive Futures, Inc., and author of Future, Inc.

"reWealth is the secret weapon of responsible redevelopers, successful real estate investors, and effective community leaders." - George L. Ochs, Managing Director, Global Real Assets, JP Morgan (London)

"All national politicians and community leaders should be forced to read reWealth." - George Canetti, Senior Business Developer, Ameresco Canada

"Revitalization guru Storm Cunningham's new book contains your future. I was hooked by the time I'd finished the Introduction." - Will Koroluk, Construction Columnist, Daily Commercial News

"Storm Cunningham is so far ahead of the community revitalization game, I'm in awe.” - Sarah Sieloff, Executive Director, Center for Creative Land Recycling


Buy It On Amazon

RECONOMICS should be mandatory reading for all Mayors, Chief Executives and Directors of Planning in cities and regions.” – Rick Finc, Principal, RFA Development Planning, Edinburgh, Scotland

Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS is very concentrated, highly sophisticated, and stunningly accurate.” – Merrit Drucker, Clean & Green Coordinator at Anacostia Waterfront Trust, Washington, DC

Storm’s RECONOMICS book transformed our latest project, which uses his 3Re strategy.” – Doumafis F. Lafontant, Director, Lower Roxbury Coalition, Boston, Massachusetts

Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS hits the nail on the head!” - Nalin Seneviratne, Director of City Centre Development, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield, England

Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS Process raises the bar for community and regional revitalization. It’s a powerful package, succinctly capturing the process that we have doggedly tried to identify over time, not always knowing the next step. The RECONOMICS Process brings a holistic dimension to redevelopment, inextricably linking vision and task.” – Eric Bonham, P.Eng, Board of Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, Director, BC Ministry of Environment and Director, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs

RECONOMICS distinguishes Storm from other development experts in its comprehensive understanding of systems. He underscores the importance of process in achieving revitalization and resilience, which is crucial in this time of upheaval.” -- Rev. Dr. Steven E. Berry; Solarfest Trustee, former Vermont State Representative (July 2020)

“RECONOMICS is required reading in the urban studies class I teach, and it should be required reading for every course on
planning, economic development, public administration, economics and environmental management.”

Robin West Smith, Adjunct Professor, Urban Studies and Sociology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


Today, it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t want to boost their resilience.
It’s equally hard to find a place that doesn’t need some form of revitalization.
But it’s easy to find the reason why 85% of such efforts are failing to make a significant impact.

That reason? Failure to link resilience and revitalization via a strategic process. This is especially wasteful because both resilience and revitalization are based on the same activities and investments: repurposing, renewing and reconnecting our natural, built and socioeconomic assets. Resilience initiatives shouldn’t just aim to protect economies and quality of life: they should enhance them. The synergy is natural: resilience should revitalize, and revitalization should be resilient. Resilient prosperity is thus the universal goal, but leaders need a reliable process to deliver it. That’s where you come in.

If you’re already enrolled, and are logged-in, you’ll see a blue “Enrolled” tag on your course below.  Click it to take your tests.
(Don’t worry: there’s a MUCH easier way to find and take your tests once you’re enrolled.
There’s even a “resume” button that takes you to where you left off, in case you get interrupted.)
NOTE: Please be sure that you are prepared to read the 1000+ pages
of course materials contained in the 3 “required reading” books.
Universities don’t refund your tuition if you don’t do your coursework, and neither do we.
If you’re not yet enrolled, see below to learn more.

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